Rewards are issued as "Loot" and remain in your treasure chest for 2 years from the issue date. Rewarded Loot applies to subtotal only, after discounts, and is not issued on any taxes, fees, or shipping charges incurred at checkout. Minimum purchase amount required to earn rewards is $1.00 (USD).

Rewards start at a base rate of 1% back, or 1 Loot for every dollar spent, on all purchases, with a maximum reward rate of 2% back for every dollar spent!

You also earn 0.5% Loot back for life on all referral purchases, so get out there and recruit more scallywags!

You can exchange your booty for discounts once you have at least 500 Loot ($5.00 value) and can redeem up to a maximum of 10,000 Loot ($100 value) in a single purchase.

The reward payout rate will be determined based on the VIP Tier you are in at the time the order is placed. The terms of the VIP Tier program are outlined below:

 VIP Tier

Total Spent

Reward Rate

Bonus Reward

Castaway $0 1.0% -
Seaman $1,000 1.2% 500 Loot
Boatswain $2,500 1.5% 1,000 Loot
First Mate $10,000 1.7% 2,500 Loot
Skipper $25,000 2.0% 5,000 Loot
*Reward Program Terms are subject to change:
If changes are to be made, you will receive an email notification 30 days ahead of time.